Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls day/broken arm update

Olivia has been planning a "girls day" for a very long time. It all started with the father/sons camp outs. In her opinion (and mine too) its not fair that the boys get an overnight camp out together and the girls maybe get a mother/daughter enrichment night every few years. So she planned a mother/daughter day for us. It was cancelled a few times (sickness, scheduling etc.) but we finally set a date, and it worked out. We had so much fun, the only problem is that it went too quickly. This is going to have to become an overnight thing too I think. :)

Red Lobster for lunch--Liv LOVES crab. :)

Washing her puppy at build a bear
When we returned home from girls day, the neighbor boy was out playing in the driveway with a bike ramp. I knew that was going to be trouble...My boys found out and ran outside to play too. They played for a half hour or so and then came in to ask me to watch them. I go out to watch. Isaac goes up and over, I cheer. Grant goes up and then turns to see if I'm watching and his front tire slips off the top and he falls off. I saw him catch himself. He jumped up and ran to me screaming. He calmed down pretty fast, so I had him lay on the couch for a while. I kept checking on him, and his arm didn't look right. So I loaded him up and off to the ER we went. It was much busier this time with Grant than it was with Olivia. He broke his arm same place and same way as Olivia, but just one of the bones (Livvy broke both)

Over the weekend I took care of TWO broken arm kiddos. Thankfully, I am now a pro at bathing, dressing/undressing etc. so I didn't hurt Grant near as much trying to help him as I did with Olivia when she first broke her arm. And now Olivia is completely fine, no pain, just needs help with a few things. On Monday I took both of them in to the orthopedic surgeon and they took off Olivia's cast on put one on Grant man. He is doing great (he thinks its kind of cool--when its not hurting).

P.S. No more CPS jokes.... :)