Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've been trying for a long time to get Seth to smile for the camera, and today I finally got it! He smiles for me all the time, but I like having proof of it. I am loving this stage where he is showing excitement and joy. This is just way too much fun!

Also, Isaac's birthday was super fun. He was so excited. The night before he told me that he was going to try and sleep really fast so it could be his birthday sooner. All the kids had a fun day playing with the new toys and having donuts, cake, hot dogs and bunions (funyuns) :P and all the fun birthday stuff.

A lot of people ask me how Isaac is doing not being the youngest now. He was the baby for almost 4 years. Thankfully he LOVES being a big brother.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

20 Years Ago...

I've seen this on a few blogs, and I thought it would be fun to do to.

20 years ago...
I was getting ready for 4th grade. My teacher was Mr. Jackson. I remeber I did NOT like doing long division. I was excited because it was the first year I'd get to walk home for lunch and after school. So far thats pretty much all I remember about that year. I guess thats one of the reasons we should be keeping journals!

10 years ago...
It was my first year at EAC. I LOVED college! I was working as a voice lesson accompanist. I was a music major. I loved my music classes, voice, aural perception, theory etc. I hoped I'd get homework in those classes. :P Ryan showed up at EA that semester. He was such a cutie (still is!). I didn't know his name for sure, but everyone called him Hooper. He hung out with me on choir tour and it made me feel SO cool!

5 years ago...
I was married and had 2 kids by then. We were still living in the scary house (anyone who visited us there understands) Ryan had just graduated from ASU and was working at Motorola. We were anticipating getting into our new house. Olivia was 2 and Grant was 1 and just started walking.

1 year ago...
Ryan and I went on a super fun trip to Cancun! We had a great time, but also discovered that we can't sit still relaxing on the beach for too long, gotta be going, going, going. We also went to San Diego. The kiddos had fun going to Leggo Land. Olivia was 6, and in 2nd grade. Grant 5, started kindergarten. Isaac 3, was in preschool. We were enjoying getting to know our new ward that was created recently.

This year...
So far we welcomed baby Seth to our family! Mostly we were preparing for that. My bro-in-law went on his mission to Brazil. My sweet sister got married, went to a reunion, and my youngest bro got engaged. We got through school and the kids are doing great in their classes. Currently we are enjoying summer with swim lessons, gymnastics, summer movies etc. and trying to stay out of the heat.

I did a little laundry (but not enough :P) Took the kids school shopping. Got a cold.

Feeling a little better from my cold. Cleaned the kitchen. Wrote stories with Olivia. Took the kids to their primary activity. Went grocery shopping. Typed almost this entire post with only one hand! (holding Seth with the other). Practiced piano.

Get ready for Church. Fix lunch. Relax. (I LOVE Sundays!!!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaac!

I can't believe my little Isaac is the big 04! He is such a sweet guy. He has always been pretty mellow and likes playing with kids, or playing alone, doesn't matter to him. Just don't wake him up from a nap...YIKES! Isaac is super loving, he likes learning about stuff, and will ask a million questions until he understands something. He has really been in to commercials lately. Quite often I'm asked if I'm "in a fog" and if I am than I need to get "claritin clear." He has asked if we were "in good hands with Allstate," or if we can "make today a Dixie day." Hmmm, maybe a little too much TV going on at our house. :P
Isaac, you are a good boy and we love you so much. Happy birthday!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"It was totally worth it!"

Today my little Olivia got her ears pierced. The plan was to get them for her eighth birthday, but I got a really great idea from my sis-in-law Donna to do it early so it wouldn't get in the way of her being excited for her baptism. She did this with her daughter, and I wanted to do it for Olivia too. So today was the day!

Olivia was so excited. She been wanting ears pierced for years, so it was a BIG DEAL! She said that she was 99% excited, and 1% scared. Once she was sitting in the chair waiting she said that she was 97% excited and 3% scared. She was much braver than me when I went through it. She looks super cute, and LOVES them. Later on we were walking around in the mall and I could tell that they were hurting her. I asked her if she was OK, she said that they hurt a little but that it was totally worth it! (:P beauty is pain, stefani! -inside joke- ). I'm happy for Olivia, but my heart is a little broken today for how grown up she is getting. Where has the time gone? Just two months 'til she is baptized. I am so grateful for my Olivia. She is my best-est girl friend ever! I wish everyone could have a daughter to be girly, and best friends with.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Wedding, Happy Reunion, Happy 4th!!!

(all 44 of us!)
We had a super exciting week last week. (I forgot the camera, so no pics of all this until I can bum some copies from somebody. I hate it when I forget the camera) We went to Snowflake for my sister's wedding. It was so sweet. I couldn't be more thrilled for Wendi and Scot! Then it was on to Brett and Angela's for our annual Larson family reunion. They did an AMAZING job. They thought of everything, including the very popular cotton candy machine! We all (almost all of us) camped out at their house/backyard. I say we, but I didn't do any camping, I was comfy cozy with the baby in Brett and Angela's room. (what sweeties to make sure Seth and I were all set up with cradle and all for the weekend!) We went to the parade, played in the water, barbecued, watched fireworks, played rock band, whacked pinatas, etc...all in their back yard. We also went to the lake. Way too much fun. Thanks again you guys!!!
Next year is my turn to be in charge of the reunion...YIKES!!!!...any and all ideas welcome!

P.S. Seth is starting to smile for us. Thought I'd post a few I caught on camera. The last one, I just really like how his giant cheeks hang down.