Friday, August 29, 2008

Seth pics

So I haven't posted in a while, but 1. We haven't done anything much lately, and 2. We've been super busy not doing it. I did get to make a quick trip up to Snowflake last week for my soon to be SIL Valerie's bridal shower. Valerie is so sweet and gorgeous too. I'm so happy for her and Mack. It was fun to have a little break, and hang out with the girls. Ryan, the super sweetie even kept the big boys with him so I wouldn't have so much laundry and packing to do for it. I have also been busy working on Olivia's white dress for her baptism. Its crazy, I LOVE sewing cute dresses, but they can really STRESS ME OUT! So far so good though. I'll have to give an update if me and the dress survive.

I also wanted to show ya'll some pictures I took of Seth after his blessing. In my room I have a little quote on our wall that says " the nearest thing to heaven is a child." Underneath I have a pic of each of my babies in their blessing outfits. (all made by my super mom, by the way.) So anyway, I need to add Seth to that, but I haven't caught him on camera with the right pose to match the other kids yet. He's always either hungry or tired every time I try. But I think I still got some pretty cute pictures!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Keeping the Tooth Fairy busy

Olivia is definitely doing her part to make sure the tooth Fairy stays in business in this difficult economy. She lost one of her middle teeth on Tuesday, and the other middle tooth on Saturday! I love her toothless smile. I just wish the dentist charged by the tooth. We'd save a ton of money on the dental bills these next few years!

First day of school

I'm late getting this posted since the first day of school was last Wednesday, but I what can I say, I'm getting SLOW!
The first day of school went really well. Olivia and Grant were really excited and their teachers seem nice, so we are off to a good start. Isaac is doing preschool here at home with me. I decided to just to skip his second year of joy school/germ factory since we have a little baby now. I'm sure we'll still all get sick through out the year, but It's worth a try I think.
Here's the kiddos all ready to go.

Showing off the all important backpacks

Olivia waiting for the bell to ring

Grantman standing at his class number

Friends reunited

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seth's blessing day

Friday (before Seth's blessing day) Donna, Shireen, and Stefani came over and gave my entire kitchen a much needed scrub down. It was so fun to visit and giggle as we cleaned, and only a tiny bit embarrassing when they found some mail in the bottom of my refrigerator. This was a new idea we are trying out. We all (Larson sisters) who can make it choose one house each month and help with a project of some sort. Since I had a baby blessing coming up I got to be the first (Yeah ME!). My kitchen looks amazing. I even got a new paint job on my kitchen table ( I love it, Stefani!) and chairs! Then on Saturday Mom and Donna and Wendi helped me prepare a bunch of food for the dinner. It was really fun and took all the stress away too. Thanks again everyone!!!

Sunday was really fun. I think there were around 52 people crowded into my house for dinner after the blessing. Almost all of our families were there, and those that couldn't make it, we missed you, but totally understand! Thanks everyone for all the delicious food. It was definitely a feast. We are so thankful for our wonderful and supportive families!!

Family Fun Day

We had a family fun day last week. Ryan took a day off work and it was kind of one last fun summer day before school starts for the kids and Ryan and we get too busy. We went to the mall, had lunch, saw an imax movie, and went to the natural history museum. We had a great time. The kids LOVED the museum the best. Looking at these pictures I was surprised to see how tall Grant is getting. He and Olivia look like twins in some of these pictures! They are just growing up SO FAST!