Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Incriminating evidence

SOMEONE...wrote their name on the sheets. Who could it be??? I know I should be more upset by this, but it just cracks me up. All kids go through it. Why in the world if you are going to write on something you KNOW you shouldn't, do you write your name? Hee hee. I don't remember if I ever did this, but I remember my brother wrote his name on the wall in our front room, and he even spelled it wrong! Too funny. (sorry Eldon) When Ryan and I were first married, his parents gave us an old dresser. It had a huge M (for Morgan) carved into it. I asked Ryan if he ever did any thing like this, he said he did, but he wrote his little brother James name on it instead of his. I think James even got in trouble for it (sorry James). That's extra tricky. Anyway, the kids are growing up to know how to write their names, but thankfully not fast enough to know not to incriminate themselves. Good times :)
(p.s. sorry the picture is weird, I took this after I'd already tried to get the name off the sheets. It clearly didn't work very good, but it faded enough that I had to play with the contrast etc to get it to show up on camera.)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Have a wonderful Easter. I know He Lives!

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. I LOVE when Easter is the same time as conference. What a great weekend it has been. We went to the Easter pageant--so amazing every year! We've colored Easter Eggs (only a dozen, because none of enjoy eating them) Had lots of candy, Olivia and I wore our matching skirts, and the boys wore their matching ties. And we are enjoying conference (as much as we can streaming it online....WHY ISN'T IT ON TV???)

I didn't get a picture of us last Sunday in our new Easter clothes (crazy, crazy morning) so we'll have to re-create it, so I have my "Easter picture" out by our tree before church. :)

This picture has nothing to do with anything, it just makes me smile to see a naked baby running around in a Bumble Bee mask. He wears this allllllll the itme. lol
Olivia took her BFF Alyson with us to the Easter Pageant. She's never seen it before and she LOVED it. I'm happy that Olivia wanted to share it with her friend.

We LOVE all the nice people that will take pictures with my kiddos. It means the world to them.
They even let both boys get a chance to hold the sword and wear the helmet.
We are enjoying our wonderful conference weekend. It comes with the requisite fruit salad, veggie tray, puzzles, NEW crayons, and this year TOO MUCH Easter candy too. Love, love LOVE family time. :)
In other news, we are happy to announce (ok, brag a teeny bit...) that Olivia won first place in the 4th grade ALP Math Olympiads. Math is an almost daily topic at our dinner table, Ryan is always quizzing the kids on either math or geography. We are glad she is doing well. As she is getting older and doing harder math stuff, I'm seriously getting worried. There have been several times where we had to wait 'til dad got home to make sure I told her the right way to do something, and there have been several times that we almost called one of our neighbors who used to be a teacher to help us out because neither of us could figure out how to do a problem in a way she'd understand. Thankfully she figures out most stuff on her own, because mom and dad are starting to worry that we won't be able to keep up!!!

This has been a big week for Livvy, she also passed off her floor routine in Gym and gets to start learning a new one! I'm really excited for her. She loves having a new challenge. :)


Ryan and Grant went with Grandpa Hooper and Uncle Morgan to Chiricahua National Monument. Grant has been SO EXCITED for this. He even started running around the block to "get in shape for it" after he got his cast of (when mom let him get all sweaty again...lol) He had so much fun hanging out and hiking with the big guys. We are super proud of him. This was no little hike, it was 7.4 miles...not to shabby for a 7 year old!

Grandpa Hooper, Grant and Morgan
(These pictures are out of order) I'm told that near the end Grant was starting to slow a bit, when Morgan found some snow and started a snowball fight with Grant, and it perked him right back up. He was running to get to the next patch of snow. So glad my kiddos have great uncles!!! (and aunties too)

Ryan and Grantman
Grant at a cool balanced rock.

Grant and Ryan on the hike--I'm excited to go on this one myself...I think we'll let Seth get a little older first. :)
I'm so glad my kids have a fun daddy to take them to do special stuff with him. He is always planning field trips and day hikes for us. Good times