Friday, March 20, 2009


Here are the rules: Go to your documents/pictures Click on the 6th file Click on the 6th picture Blog about it Tag 6 people
I also got the 4th file, 4th folder tag, so here goes...

I took my kiddos pictures on MLK day and I think most of them turned out pretty good. However, my smiley guy Seth was NOT having a good day. I couldn't get a smile out of him for anything. The ONE time I did finally get a smile, I took the picture mid blink. So frustrating! Cute baby though. :)
Isaac and Grant sporting their new guis (sp?). And just earned YELLOW belts. They are still in Karate and doing pretty well. Isaac is by far the youngest yellow belt, but his heart is in it, and that's what counts.
I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So sweet and thoughtful..

My favorite thing about my birthday is watching my kids sneaking around preparing to "surprise" me. Usually it is some sort of surprise breakfast in bed with home made cards or something. This year I was excited because they were busy making and wrapping/re wrapping stuff for a couple of weeks before. It was fun to be excited, and truly SURPRISED! I guess my kiddos are getting big enough to be able to keep a secret. (I'm not sure I'm ok with that or not yet.) Anyway, here they are with all their presents for me.
Olivia made me a beautiful card with a little book in it. So sweet I was fighting back tears the rest of the morning. Grant wrapped me up some BOY diapers inside the box of chex. This was very thoughtful, because my kids are so offended that the in a box of pampers there are boy and girl characters on them and it makes them so upset whenever Seth is wearing a girl character diaper. Isaac did his shopping in our pantry. He wrapped up a can of Cream of Mushroom soup, and a half eaten box of Honey bees. He also gave me a little stuffed animal of his. I am so proud of my kiddos to be so thoughtful and creative. Isaac was a little bummed that I didn't eat my cream of mushroom soup for lunch that day, but I told him I was saving it for my favorite casserole and he was ok with that. At least we got to enjoy the rest of the box of Honey Bees. Ryan gave me and O tickets to a musical, and I also got cards from family. Thanks so much everyone. I love ya!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 years and counting

I am WAY too much of a cryer to get sappy and talk about all the wonderful things my hubby does, but I'm the happiest gal you'll ever know. So here are 10 random memories...

1. Laser tag. (This one is mostly for Ryan, Vanessa, and me) hee hee

2. Graduating from EAC. I was 7 months pg and still as sick as I could be.

3. Making heart shaped waffles on the bathroom floor. (our first apartment was TINY)

4. Cheering for Ryan at ASU graduation. (I can't wait to do that again hopefully soon!!!)

5. The Ford Taurus (UGH!!!)

6. Having 4 babies!

7. The Baby Tenda seminar (was anyone else scammed into going to that???)

8. Potatoes and eggs with cheese on top (our breakfast almost everyday 'til it started grossing me out while I was pg with Isaac)

9. Moses and the frogs bed time story (this one is for the kids...somehow this story has strayed slightly from the biblical one it started out as :)

10. Eating sushi with Ryan's wasabi mix at our beach front table in Cancun--yummy I could go back today....
Happy times. Love you, husband!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here's the latest news from our house...

The AFTER pic of Seth's hair cut. This is actually his third haircut, but I cut 2.5 in. off this time. The saddest thing I did all week by far. Sorry the after pic is first. Someday I'll figure blogger out, but its not today.

Here is the before. Don't mind the sweat, tear, boogers, and food face. Its hard to keep a little guy happy for that long.

Seth also reached 9 months! I can't believe my little guy is that old already. Why can't they be 1 week old for a year or two, and then start growing up???? He is such a little sweetie. He is FINALLY saying mama. (He's been saying dada for NOT FAIR! I had to keep reminding him who went through three epidural sticks and then it had to be turned off for this little guy to get her, but I digress.) Seth is learning how wonderful getting into stuff is. His favorite is Dada's work laptop. He is pure sugar, and we adore him!

Grantman has lost 2 teeth. He finally got to get his name added to the loosing teeth club! He is growing up too fast.