Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Seth!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy! I can't believe he's one! Seth is growing up so fast. He is walking across the room pretty good now, but will still crawl when he's in a hurry. He can say a few words and LOVES peek-a-boo, and monkeys swinging in the tree, and sunbeam and can do the actions to them too. We love having our little Seth man he brings so much joy to our home.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No more school, no more patch

I'm a little late but...

We are SO HAPPY to have summer break here. Here are the top reasons why...
1. More time to chill with the kiddos
2. Swimming!
3. Grant can now take a break from his patch for a while. We'll see how it goes. He was such a good sport to wear one for 6 WEEKS and he didn't complain once, however I could tell they were VERY PAINFUL to take off.
4. No more piles of sand from wherever the kiddos decide to take their shoes off!!!!!!! (I'm THRILLED WITH THIS!!!!)
5. VACATIONS!!! - more to come on those later.
Last day of patch bliss
Last day of school

Saturday, May 16, 2009


We've been busy these past weeks. I thought I'd just post the pics of everything for the grandmas in one slide show to save time. (Ambitious eh?)
I took a bunch of pictures of Seth just to document that at one time during his almost year of life he was CLEAN. Freshly bathed, hair combed, clean doesn't last. lol He is taking 3+ steps at a time, walking will be here soon.
Olivia had her last honor choir concert of the year. It was a great show, they even did a song with three-part harmony. LOVE IT!!!!
Grant and Isaac had there belt ceremony and now are officially GREEN BELTS! I'm super proud of them. Grant's technique and form are really improving, and Isaac is doing so well to remember all the stuff for the test at just 4 years old. Love my big boys. :)
We also went to the Arizona Science Center with the kiddos last week. It was pretty fun, especially the weather demo. So anyway picture overload.

p.s. (Just for braggin') ... this past week I had ALL the kiddos with me in the store to pick up a few things. When we got to the car I unlocked it and while I was buckling Seth my Granters opened the trunk and took care of ALL the groceries for me! I didn't even ask him too. I almost cried. I can't believe he's getting old enough to really be a good "gentleman" and help me out like that. Good times.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early Mother's day gift

Proof! He does love me!!! (he is such a dada's boy:)

Ode to SHOES

I LOVE shoes. I prefer having lots of cheap CUTE shoes than just a couple of expensive ones. Right now I don't have too many just because its harder to get out shopping with four little ones and because its tight times right now...(so sick of allllllllll the economy talk, when will it end???) and because Ryan hasn't had to travel for almost a year which has been WONDERFUL, but I have no excuse for my I'M SAD RYAN IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD FOR I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG, BUT NEW SHOES WILL MAKE IT A LITTLE EASIER shoe shopping.
So anyway, I NEEDED to go shoe shopping. This is one of my favoritest (sp? word??) things. I shoe shop all the time but just look and not buy. But now I had an excuse. We are going on vacation later this month and my current sneaks give me blisters if I wear them too long. (elastic stretched out from wearing them 10 months preggers and swollen as big as a whale, and yes I said elastic...kid shoes people...) (Is it bad that I'm a bit grateful for this?;) Here's the problem though, I needed functional shoes, not necessarily CUTE shoes. That almost seems like a waste of money to me. Why buy shoes if they're not ridiculously cute!? But I don't want to spoil the vacay with blisters so I get functional ones. They are still pretty cute, but its slim picking in my size. Oh well.
I get home with my new shoes + shoes for Grant, Seth, and another pair for me (BOGO!). I LOVE LOVE LOVE my "CUTE" pair, and I like fine my functional pair. I can't wait to wear them both so the next day I wear my cuties. I don't know what it is, but having cute shoes to wear made me want to look nicer too. I spent a lot more time on hair and makeup and wore jewelry too! It made me feel bad that I need new super cute shoes to want to dress up nice, but what can you do? A girl's got the right to be lovin' her shoes...

For the inquiring's the CUTE, not practical
And my no blisters functionals... (I hope they aren't too young for me. Oh well, too late now)