Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Grant!!!

I can't believe my little Grant-man is 6!!!! He is such a good boy, I'm so grateful for him. He is growing like crazy. If they are sitting, he's taller than Olivia (thanks to inheriting dad's long body and shorter legs). He's almost to catch her in weight too. Only 2 more pounds to go. Grant has the best smile ever, and is always smiling and happy. He also has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen. Watch out girls!!! He is a mini Ryan with almost everything. He loves watching the Phoenix Suns with him, and especially likes Grant Hill. He also likes Heber J. Grant, and Ulysses S. Grant!! Granters is so loving and sweet, and super smart. We are so proud of you and we love you!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Field trip

Isaac's field trip was a while ago, but I just got the pictures off my camera. We went to the dairy. There was a hay ride to see all the cows and a little area where the kids could feed and hold other farm animals. He loved it.

I threw this picture in because it cracks me up. He came in to me the other day and said look mom, I'm a knight in shining armor! So creative with the costume I think. Not sure where he's actually heard of a knight in shining armor though.

Today he told me mom, I have time for you to take me to the library today. So glad he could fit me in with his busy schedule!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Last Recital

Last week I had my last recital for an indefinite amount of time. (I'm thinking when the baby is on his mission, my kids and nieces and nephews are an exception though.) With my kids in school, I just don't want to teach any more. I missed them all day and want to be with them after school, and not teaching other peoples kids. I have to say though that my students were awesome and I'll miss them, but its nice to just be a mom for a while. Grant didn't want to be in the recital this year (and I think 5 year olds should have a choice) so here is Olivia. She played one song and then sang a song too. She did so awesome. I'm so proud of her!!!!!


So, I think I'm a super happy person most of the time, so here are five reasons that I'm happy that Ryan gets to go to Malaysia AGAIN!!!!

1. He has a good job and provides for every need for our family.
2. We can put all the olives we can fit on our pizza while he's gone. (Ryan HATES olives, me and the kiddos LOVE them.)
3. Frequent flyer miles!!! (We've got quite the stash of those from all these trips.)
4. By the time he gets back I'll be super close to having this baby!
5. I have really learned to appreciate having a hubby home with you who lets you talk their ear off and not complain, takes care of us, gets the spider out of the bath tub, reaches high things, takes out the trash, ghost busts etc. etc. etc. I could go on forever!!!