Sunday, September 27, 2009

More New York

So how much more could there be of our NY trip? SO MUCH MORE!! This is more for my journaling, but you're welcome to read too...

My absolute favorite part of our trip was the Broadway show. My SWEET husband splurged and got us amazing seats to Phantom. (Yes, yes, sure we wanted to see wicked, but we didn't realize those tickets have to purchased way in advance...and besides, we couldn't have gotten such great seats to that :) I gotta say, I know musicals aren't Ryan's favorite thing, but he's always been wonderful in that he knows that there's not much I love more than seeing a great musical, namely family, and church :) Anyway he is so supportive like that. He's been to more than his fair share of concerts, voice recitals, piano recitals etc and he goes with a great attitude and has thoughtful opinions about it afterwards. So anyway it was AWESOME! The man that played the phantom is the only guy in history to have been both the phantom and Jean Val Jean on Broadway. He stole the show. I seriously was brought to tears every time he sang. Well, basically I was crying the whole time. I loved it more than I can say. Only bummer was that I didn't get to sing anything there!!! (well, actually I'm not so sure about singing with the phantom--everyone sounded great 'til he started again and then it was like HOLY COW! that dude can SING!!!!!) Thanks sweetie for helping me check off a bucket list item. Although now I really need to go back and see more! ;-)

After our show. I loved seeing all the lights!
Ryan at times square

Me at the Majestic. My favorite seats, front row grand tier...NO TALL PEOPLE CAN SIT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!! (I know what you're thinking...stadium seats everyone can see...NOT TRUE! Tall people still sit in front of me ugh! Seriously, how dare they be so tall? J/K)

Outside the theatre. No, that wasn't our limo :( j/k lol

Halloween here we come

October starts this week. I think this is the first time EVER that I don't have any of the kids costumes done yet. Time to get busy! I love the fall--the holidays are right around the corner! Olivia thinks, and I am starting to agree that the holiday season actually starts Sept. 2. That is her "birthday eve" and it officially kicks off the holidays because we are celebrating so much between now and the New Year, so why not! I will hold off on the Christmas music until Nov. 1 and that's it. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What we've been up to

Olivia's birthday was lots of fun. I took her to build -a- bear during her lunch (she chose this instead of a friends birthday party) it was lots of fun. The boys weren't sure about all the girl stuff--not quite as exciting for them, but they loved eating the flowers off the cake, so its all good. :-)
We went to the first Steve Hooper reunion. We had lots of fun. Everyones schedules were so different that we were never all together at the same time, but we did get to see almost everyone. We ate tons of yummy food, had a treasure hunt, hay ride, and a marathon game of musical chairs (Seth's favorite...he danced the whole time lol) My sis-in-law takes much better pictures than me so when Ryan shows me how to get them off of face book to here I'll post those. Here's a few that we took. Good times

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Another year down, and now I have a 9 year old. How can this be??? Olivia was SO EXCITED for her birthday. We have a fun day planned. Can't wait to get to the rest of it. I'm on the upstairs computer (Seth sleeps in the office) so I can't get any cute pictures of her, but here are some fun facts about our little Livvi Lou...
- loves animals but especially arctic animals
- level 2 - 3 in gymnastics and loving it--currently working on handstands on the beam
- wants to be a pediatrician and mommy when she grows up
- favorite colors in this order: pink, purple, green, blue
- great student
- sings in the honor choir at school and the ward choir at church and with me all the time too!!!
- favorite foods are tacos and ice cream
- LOVES LOVES LOVES going to activity days. (Thank heavens for wonderful leaders for my kiddos!!!)
- creative and crafty
- really good cook already- Last Sunday she didn't stay for choir (too much candy from primary and her bishop buck to resist) anyway, when I came home she was putting a batch of cookies in the oven. I am LOVING all her help in the kitchen!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day Olivia, love you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dancing and trivia

Our little Seth is a dancer. When catchy music comes on he has to get up and bust a move. Too funny.

Trivia question: The song Seth is jammin' to is from the soundtrack of one of my top 10 most favorite movies EVER. Can anyone name it??? (besides my brother Eldon, its down right disgraceful if he doesn't know. ;-)