Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dessert Sushi

Olivia and I love watching the food network. One time we saw Rachel Ray make "sushi" out of candy. We knew that would be a fun recipe to try sometime. This past week was Olivia's turn to bring a treat to activity days, so we decided we would try and make it. It turned out so cute and it was pretty easy too! The hardest part was unwrapping the fruit roll ups without tearing them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 months and on the move

My little guy hit 8 months. I can't believe it. He has one tooth, is clapping and pulling up to things, loves baths, eating, and his big bros and sis. He HATES it when you take something away from him, and he will hold a grudge over it too. He sure tries hard to crawl. So far he either just rolls where ever, or pull with his arms and sometimes use one leg, but not both. Too funny! I will hopefully get to update here with some crawling breaking news in a few days, who knows. We love our baby Seth!!
By the way, Ryan and his HUGE set of keys is how we got each of our kiddos crawling. They would never do it for me, but I guess dad's giant set of keys is just too enticing. Seth just started last night, and it was only for the keys.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look out world, they're YELLOW belts!

Grant and Isaac have been taking Karate for a few months. On Friday they received their yellow belts. They are really having fun and doing well in it--minus the few times they tried to Karate each other or their sister. I think now we are going to have to break down and buy them their guis (sp?) so they can wear their awesome yellow belts with them.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Over Christmas break we went with some friends to the wild life museum and the titan missile museum in Tucson. It was a really fun day trip. This was our second time to the animal museum, and it was still so much fun. My kiddos LOVE museums, but this one is really really fun, and a little more hands on. (when else can you be that close to a polar bear and live to tell about it???) It was nice to get out of the house for a day too. Good times!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The things Isaac will say...

I'm so behind in posting stuff, but before I forget I wanted to write down a little more of the wisdom of Isaac.

Isaac: (In a really WHINY voice) Daaaaaaddd, Grant is being a tattle-tale!
Ryan: (eyes role, stifled laugh)

Isaac: Mom, I know whats boys and whats girls.
Me: (...YIKES....)
Isaac: Boys are awesome and brave and strong and cool. Girls are Sparkly and cute right???
Me: You betcha!! (whew, that was a close one)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Christmas this year was WONDERFUL! It was a great month. I'm sad to see it go. We went to the Hooper Christmas party. That was loads of fun. Ryan was given an obsessive compulsive action figure, a cat poster, and an I heart Kobe shirt. Lets just say Ryan's family is very talented when it comes to the gag gifts. LOL It was fun to see everyone and let the kids play and as always, there was tons of delicious food!

Christmas eve was a nice quiet day at home for us. We did crafts, made cookies for Santa, played games, watched home movies, made gingerbread houses, had a taco dinner feast, read/acted out the nativity, walked around the neighborhood, and read 'twas the night before Christmas. Mostly we just tried to have fun with the kids so the day would go by fast for them. Isaac told me that he was going to be his "goodest behave" that day. Grant readied his B.O.M. for Santa. He wrote his testimony in it and everything. Olivia also wrote Santa a note encouraging him to read it. Poor Isaac took a nap at 4pm on Christmas eve. When it was time for bed he was still wide awake. He was trying so hard to go to sleep, but was so excited. I think he finally went to sleep around 9:30 or so (for my kiddos, that is just about as late as midnight).

We told our kids that if they woke up during the night they could sneak into our room to see what time it was, and as long as the first number on the clock said 5 or higher they could wake us up. Grant was the only waker-upper. I heard him a few times, and then I could tell someone was standing by me, but I was still asleep. He was standing there watching my clock It must have been 4:58 or 4:59, because right at 5am he yelled Merry Christmas. He then ran to wake up O and I. I heard Isaac shout WOOHOO! when Grant woke him up. Then Isaac came in and said that he "slept in heavenly peas". LOL Eldon and Stefani came over to watch our Christmas morning. It was really fun to have company and see there reactions too!

Later Christmas day we drove to Snowflake. It was again loads of fun and laughs, and ridiculous amounts of delicious food. We had a fun white elephant party where we tried to re-gift Ryan's OCD action figure, but he still ended up with it. (Could that be a sign??? J/k hubby...I don't think an engineer could NOT be at least a little OCD!) The next morning it Snowed, and the kids were thrilled.

Thanks everyone for all the gifts, laughs, fun, and memories! Can't wait 'til next year!!!