Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Too many projects going on. I can't seem to stay current on the ol' blog. Here's our first day of school...a little late

Isaac with his teacher Ms. Valentino. When the bell rang he went right to his line, grabbed his backpack, and started heading into the school ALONE. I was running and yelling after him thru all the students and parents. Thankfully I caught up to him in time and now he knows walk in with his class. At least he was ready to go. It would be so much harder if he wasn't happy about it.

The kiddos on the play ground. I snapped this right before I got a major eye roll from one of them. Nothing like a picture happy mama on the first day of school. lol

The backpack shot. They were so loaded down with all the school supplies. Thankfully it's only that heavy on the first day.

Super Seth. I figure its always good to document the kids if they are ever perfectly clean--it sure doesn't last!
Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 4th grade
Thankfully they all had great days. So far we love school!!! It was crazy for me to have only Seth at home. I have started exercising in the morning while Seth naps. Who'd of thunk??? Its hard for me, but I know these kiddos love it, and so its ok.
confession...I planned on drowning my sorrows of my kids are getting too grown up too fast in a big fat butterfinger oreo blizzard while they were gone, but settled for some panda express since its hard to eat a blizzard with out Ryan...:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New York part IV

A few of the sites we saw...
The Manhattan Temple. This was so awesome. It brakes my heart that we didn't have the time to go in...just another reason we'll have to go back. It was so cool to see it right there in the middle of everything. Beautiful!
The front stoop of the Cosby's house. (Yes, this is the actual place!)
The street where Rudy Huxtable learned to ride a two wheeler. Ah, memories...
Who ya gonna call? (GHOST BUSTERS!!!!!)

The church with the hidden treasure in it from "National Treasure" --no, WE didn't find any treasure...bummer!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New York part III the museums

Don't feel obligated to watch this whole thing, but I knew our moms and dads would like seeing some of it...

We went to the American Museum of Natural History and the Met. Both were amazing. We have to make another trip back there to take the kids to the Natural history museum. The Met was even more awesome, but NOT KID FRIENDLY. We are huge museum geeks so these were worth the whole trip for us.

New York part II

More of our trip...
We walked about halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge. Very fun. We didn't try the time machine thing from Kate and Leopold...too dangerous!
Ryan taking down this huge bull. It was funny there were other tourists there being as goofy as us and one lady came up to us and asked Ryan if he could take a picture of me and her. So funny we are there in New York with so many sites to see and she wants a picture of me. That happened to us at the Grand Canyon too. What kind of freak show am I??? I'm telling my self that maybe its just that I look real "American" but I have my doubts. lol
Ryan and the globe. This was really cool. It was at the World Trade Center as a symbol of peace. They recovered it slightly banged up and moved it to this location 'til they finish the memorial at the WTC. They have an eternal flame there too. Really neat to see. Right after Ryan took a picture of me here we were walking away and a guy flips out his cell phone camera and starts taking pictures of me too. CREEPY. Seriously what is the deal???

On the Staten Island Ferry. It was foggy that morning, so not the best pictures, but still really fun to see.

The statue of liberty. Someday I'd like to go up to the crown, we just didn't have time on this trip.

New York part I oops I forgot something...

I wanted to write down so we wouldn't forget...
As we were walking into our hotel Ryan realized that he left one of his bags in the taxi. (Anyone who know Ryan knows that this is SO NOT LIKE HIM...he has OCD big time about that kind of stuff. Me, I'd worry about but never him) We were so bummed. We told the hotel workers and they were nice but gave us the impression that its gone forever don't even try to get it back, but they helped Ryan call and make a report anyway. We went on with our evening trying to make the best of it, but pretty stressed too. While we were at the top of the ESB Ryan got a call from our taxi drivers nephew. They made plans to meet at our hotel so he could give us the bag. So by the end of the night Ryan had his bag back and was stress free, and the taxi driver had a NICE tip. Thank you honest taxi driver!!!!!!!! Our faith in humanity is restored.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New York part I

Whew, what a week we've had! So much fun, and so much to post so I think I'll break it up into a few chunks...
Monday afternoon we met Ryan's parents to drop off the kiddos. (I only fought back tears 3 times on the way there, and about 5 on the way back to Mesa.) It was so weird being back at our house minus the quiet. We enjoyed some Red Lobster take out and some season six of 24. Good times.
We left for New York EARLY Tuesday morning. (btw I LOVE airports and flying almost as much as the vacation itself!!! Ryan's done it too much to be as thrilled as me but says I make it more entertaining because it is SO EXCITING to me lol)
The first night we took a cab to our hotel and then headed out to see some sights...

(These pics are out of order--don't know how to fix it)
A view from the top of the Empire State Building

I wanted a picture with one of the big binocular things because I remembered them from "Sleepless in Seattle"

Having fun with my hubby and enjoying the views. The elevator wait was really long so we took the stairs for the final six flights--made me feel like I climbed the whole thing.

Ryan out side of the New York public library...No sight of Slimer (from Ghost Busters) or Dennis Quaid (from the Day after Tomorrow) lol

The lobby of the ESB...Fancy!