Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Larson Reunion '09

It was our turn to host the Larson Reunion. I learned (and re-learned) something important...I'm not a very good party planner--I'm a good helper, I'll bring whatever and help set up or clean up, but PLANNING...not so much. We procrastinated the whole year, and had lots of different ideas come and go. We ended up going really easy and having a pot luck at the park. Thankfully, lots came, and we had fun. Family is wonderful. And also what is wonderful is that in 9 years when I'm in charge again, Olivia will be just the right age to take over for her boring mom!!! Thanks for all the fun and help family, love ya!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marshmallows/Dress up

These past few weeks have been extra busy, but we still got some fun in too. Since Ryan had the big boys at karate and Seth was sleeping, O and I played some dress up. I have some super fun dresses (thanks to my super seamstress mom) and O really had fun trying them on. She even talked me into putting a few of them on. Here's the picture O took of me...hee hee
I couldn't figure out how to work the timer on the camera to get a picture of us both all dressed up. This was us trying to get a shot of us all fancy. I love this picture because O was giggling so much. :)
The "Belle" shot

She put her wings on for this one. So fun--

This dress was "itchy" to her, but she still wanted a picture

She LOVED this one, thought it looked like something Arial would wear
On to the marshmallows--
We have a complicated schedule that involves jobs, seating arrangements in the car, and which kid gets to choose FHE treat. Mostly I let the kids pick whatever they want for FHE. If for some reason I can't do it, then they get to choose a lunch treat (nutty bars, oatmeal cream pies etc) since they almost never get those. Anyhoo, it was Isaac's week to choose, and he wanted marshmallows. I stole an idea from the YW days and had the kids make stuff with the marshmallows in hopes that they'd make more and eat less. Well, they ate a ton of them, but we had a great time. I'll definitely do this again sometime. Lots of happy togetherness. :)
(Half of our pics of this are on our other camera, I'll post those later--very creative)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby

This is SO LATE, but these last couple of weeks were beyond crazy for me, and this is my first chance to blog...

Happy Birthday (late) to my handsome husband!!! Also happy 11th anniversary of our engagement! (Awe) We celebrated with breakfast pizzas, filibertos, and chocolate cake. Lots of fun and LOTS OF CALORIES! I'm the luckiest gal ever to have such a super sweet husband. Here are some fun facts about Ryan

-He eats 2 peanut butter and jam sandwiches and an apple every work day for lunch. This has been going on since before we were married. He switched from honey to all fruit jam shortly after his dad got diabetes (less sugar). He also switched from a granola bar to an apple about 6 years ago. But the P.B. never has changed.
-Thru our whole married life, I've only made the sandwiches for his lunch 3 maybe four times. He likes to make them himself.
-If there's a mountain, he wants to climb it
-If there's a canyon he wants to canyoneer it. :)
-He can still do back flips
-He still sweeps me off my feet--literally
-He tells the kids stories about scientists and explorers on long drives
-He spoils me rotten! :)
-He'll hopefully have his masters in DECEMBER. wahoooooo!

Happy birthday husband, Love you!!!


Halloween was busy, but really fun. We didn't get around to carving pumpkins until Halloween morning, but it was fun to spend the morning together. This year I let Olivia and Grant use the little knives that come in the pumpkin carving kits. (yikes, the kids are growing up!) I thought they did great. Olivia made x eyes a y nose and a sideways z for a mouth. Grant made a dinosaur. Isaac drew the face he wanted and then I helped him cut it out. Ryan's pumpkin is bobo fet (sp?) Seth and I shared and stayed traditional. Good times. --note to self- don't try to take family pictures with costumes and pumpkins right before the trunk or treat--not the most cooperative when all they want to do is get to the party lol

Joni and Chachi (sp?) from Happy Days. (I know, no one got it :)

The Thing
The Hulk (Should have fixed his muscles before the picture LOL)

My little ones :)

Moon Night (he's a marvel hero)
Olivia-the pediatrician fairy

You betcha I'm playing the Christmas music!