Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You know you have good kids when...

My sweet little kiddos have been worried sick this week because it is the last week of school, and I haven't got their new school books to work on over the summer yet. :) Hope they are always this excited about learning.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It has been some exciting times here at the Hooper house. Grant turned eight years old in April. His birthday was the same day as our ward's father/son camp out, and he was thrilled about that. They had a great time. Each year they come back saying that that was the best year ever. :) Grant has been super excited for his baptism too. He told me that the birthdays that he is most excited for are the 8, 12,14,16, and 19 year old birthdays, because those are "church birthdays" (love it!!!)

Grant's baptism was today. It was very sweet and special for us, and we are grateful for everyone who came to support our Grantman. In honor of Grant's eighth birthday, here are 8 fun facts about Grant...

1. Grant's favorite food are tacquitos.
2. Grant loves hiking. He has recently climbed Camel Back Mountain with his dad, and hiked through the Chiricahua National Monument, and Barks Canyon and LOVED it.
3. Grant was super excited to finally get to go to cub scouts. He has already completed a lot of stuff for that.
4. Grant is great at arm wrestling. (He can almost be me (mom)--and everyone knows that I am freakishly strong)
5. Grant is a blue belt in Karate.
6. Grant is a super cheerful kid. A smile is his "normal" mouth position. :)
7. Grant is responsible. He always does his school work and helps look after Seth.
8. Grant loves to read. He SMASHES his AR goals each quarter, and then keeps reading more. Some of his favorites are Magic Tree House books, Ricky Ricotta books, and scriptures.

We love you Grant, you are a great kid, and we are so blessed to have you in our family!

Here are a few pics from the baptism...
The family
Handsome & Handsome :)
Just for fun...Here is Grant and Liv, same pose, same place 19 months apart...
A fun bit of trivia too...Almost all of the Larson boys have been baptized in the white suit Grant is wearing. We barely got it on Grant. If the baptism was tomorrow, it probably wouldn't have fit. The suit Olivia is wearing is the same one I wore when I was baptized and almost all of the other Larson girls as well. Thanks for saving those Mom!!!

Hanging on the wall in our hall is a a quote my mom gave me that says "The nearest thing to Heaven is a Child" underneath I have pictures of my four babies in their white blessing day outfits. I think I will add these as well. I love these eight year old excited faces. They KNOW what they are feeling in this moment is so special and it shows. Happy times...