Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

We went to the Easter pageant. I love it more every year. This year we were really lucky to find Sis Worthin from our ward who is in the Easter pageant. She just happened to have a little girl and two little boy hats to try on.
The kids were so excited to find some Roman Soldiers to take pictures with. These ones even let them hold their swords!
Coloring Easter eggs. This year went so well. We used an egg coloring kit that had sparkles to shake with the egg. This was a hit, and the kids didn't really want to color the eggs, just do the sparkles, did the egg coloring, so no spilling any on the counter!! (This is far different from our usual spilling many colors every year!)
All dressed up Easter Sunday.
My handsome boys!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mini Vacation!!!

We've been planning our "mini vacation" for a while and finally it was time. The only problem was that we discovered one of our tires on the big car was really dammaged, and couldn't be fixed in time, so we had some major family togetherness all crammed in the "White Rhino" (sentra).
The kids were really good sports being smooshed in there together, but we survived and had tons of fun.
We wanted to do one more little family trip before I was too big and uncomfortable to drive very far. The plans changed a bit here and there, but we ended up having a super fun time. We window shopped the toy store and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks at the super saver. The next day we drove to see a Huge tree in Sierra Vista (I think, but I really don't pay that much attention if I'm not driving) and toured the mine in Bisbee. I LOVE that even the smallest little trip is so exciting and fun for the kids! Good times!!!

Copper Mine

We toured the Bisbee mine. The kids were so excited to get outfitted with their hardhats and flashlights.
We rode on a little train thing down the mine. This was really fun. Isaac wanted to hold my hands at first, but then he figured out it was more fun to look around with his flashlight.
More train ride and using the flashlights!
There were a few stops on the train ride to walk around and look at stuff in the mine. This is a wall ready for dynamite. I don't think the kids were quite as impressed with this as they were with the train, but still fun!!


On our vacation we stopped by this giant tree to take a few pictures. It is one of the biggest trees in Arizona. The kiddos were SO impressed. The branches stretched out super wide. Some of them were so long they eventually made it to the ground, like the one Grant is sitting on. We would love to have this tree in our backyard. (With a backyard big enough to hold it!!!!) :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

9 AWESOME years and counting!!!!!!

Just wanted to tell my super sweetie husband Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for marrying me, I love you!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A little too much honesty for me today...

Grant: Mom, is your tummy mostly fat, or mostly baby?
Me: I hope its mostly baby.
Grant: So after you have the baby will your tummy go back to how it was before there was a baby in there?
Me: Yep (wishfully thinking)
Grant: Oh, so it will only be sort of fat right?
Me: (yikes!??!!??!)