Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well, better late than never...

We had a great Halloween.  We carved pumpkins Thursday evening before we took the kids to gymnastics and karate.  Lots of fun.  And the best part was that Olivia, Grant, and Isaac carved their pumpkins themselves!!!  Seth and I shared, and Ryan had his own.  Nice.  :) 
 Grantman the Cowboy
 The boys
 Grandma Hooper let Grant borrow his sweet cow hide coat to complete his cowboy look.  :)
 Isaac aka Indiana Jones
 I love it!!!
 Olivia is the queen bee
 Very very sparkly queen bee
 Seth was Dash from the incredibles
 He really got into character...he was so fast I couldn't get a good picture of him.  :-[
 The group of us...I was glad Grant let me borrow his karate gui to wear, however I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about the fact that it fit...(At least it was really short on me;) )
We had lots of fun at our ward trunk or treat.  The best was when we got home and the kids had their "semi-annual candy exchange" where they trade each other for their favorite candies.  (They said the "annual candy exchange" was at Easter)  Then they figured out they could give Seth all the gross candy and he would happily give them the good stuff.  He was just happy to be included.  I let them eat candy 'til bed time and the next day too, then we cleaned up all the wrappers and brushed teeth and were finished with it.  :)  It is nice to have it gone!!!