Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia

Our sweet daughter Olivia turned 10!!!!  Yikes!  We had a fun weekend celebrating her birthday.  She requested breakfast sandwiches for breakfast, I took panda express to her at school for lunch, and tacos with extra olives for dinner.  This year we let her have a "friend" party.  I'm not a big party planner, usually we just invite cousins over or something, but she was really excited for one, so I was really brave and we did it.  In honor of Olivia turning 10, here are 10 fun facts about her...

1.  Olivia loves to read, and she is really really good at it.
2.  Olivia is an excellent student.  I NEVER have to ask her if her homework is done.  Its always done.
3.  Olivia is a good friend.
4.  Olivia is a missionary.  :)
5.  Olivia is already an excellent babysitter. 
6.  Olivia is enthusiastic.  I love being around her because it makes me more excited about things too.
7.  Olivia loves gymnastics.  Her strength is her flexibility.  Not many people can do the stretches she can do.
8.  Olivia wants to be an author BEFORE she grows up.  Why not start sooner (her words)
9.  Olivia is selfless.  So many times I see her being a peace maker rather than take what is rightfully hers.
10.  Olivia loves trying new things.  We are in the middle of our first musical TOGETHER and she is doing wonderful!  She helps me with my lines because hers were learned months ago...She also started the violin--SO CUTE!!!

We love you Olivia and we love how blessed our family is because of you! 

Here are a few pics of the fun events...Her party was a watch-a-movie-in-p.j.s party--very fun.


Colburns said...

Great job on the pj party Misti I think you are a great party planner!

Cathy said...

so cute!